Unleash Profit Potential with Zero Fee Payment Processing

Say goodbye to credit card processing fees and hello to keeping more of your hard-earned money.
Payment Processor
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Traditional processing fees are a thing of the past.

High credit card processing fees eat into profit margins, costing your business thousands annually. Many merchants lack the time to research alternatives and overpay as a result. Infiniti illuminates traditional payment model inefficiencies, freeing you from fees and helping you boost earnings.
No-fee or low-fee credit card processing
With Infiniti Payments, you have the freedom to choose the payment processing model that best fits your business. Infiniti puts money back in your pocket by lowering fees or even eliminating them altogether.
Consumer's Choice / Dual Pricing
Infiniti's dual pricing program slashes fees by offering your customers a discounted cash price on all sales. This means more green on your bottom line.
Expert Guidance
We cater to business owners across the United States, providing customized payment solutions tailored to their individual requirements.
Lower Rates and Fees
Our aim is to enhance your profitability by offering the lowest possible rates. 95% of business owners who undergo our complimentary rate review end up saving money.
Customer Support
Our USA-based support team is available around the clock, whether you have payment processing questions at 3 PM or 3 AM.

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Our Dual Pricing model allows customers who pay with cash to receive a discounted price on goods or services. If they choose to pay with a credit card, the price will be 4% higher than the cash price. This enables your customers to receive their rewards while enabling you to process transactions without incurring fees.
2-4% Average Net Effective Rate, or up to 100% Free Processing
Transparent pricing structure
Interchange plus pricing
Available for both In-Person and Online Transactions
Average Net Effective rates between 2-4%
B2B and Interchange Optimization Gateways


The Infiniti Way
Up to 100% free processing
Fully compliant dual price programs
Available both in-store and online
Access to provided marketing materials and signage
B2B and interchange optimization gateways

What Our Clients Say

Our experience with Infiniti has been nothing short of fantastic. Not only have they helped us lower our credit card fees, but they've also provided invaluable support and guidance along the way. Our profits have soared since making the switch!
Mark P
Gym Owner
Our previous payment processor was eating into our profits, but since switching to Infiniti, we've seen a significant increase in our margins. Their transparent pricing and commitment to service makes them stand out from the competition.
David S
Switching to Infiniti Payments was a game-changer for us! We saw a significant drop in our credit card fees, allowing us to pocket more of our hard-earned revenue. Their customer support is top-notch too, always there when we need them.
Sarah Z
Boutique Owner

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